Dr. Grant’s Physiotherapy, based 15 minutes south of Dublin’s city centre, is well recognised for excellence in patient care and the highest treatment standards. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Marie Elaine Grant, together with her team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists this practice specialises in the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions, sports injuries and orthopaedics.

To book an appointment: ring +353 (0)1 219 66 94
or email: megrantphysio@eircom.net

Ireland's Olympic Team Chief Physiotherapist since 1992 Olympic Games, Marie Elaine Grant, has been given a prime role within the IOC Medical Commission for the London 2012 Games.

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A team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists are here to look after you. We are recognised by all major health insurers.

In addition to our sports injury service our team of Chartered physiotherapists are very experienced and skilled in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis, back and neck pain, a wide range of orthopedic conditions. The practice includes Isokinetic Muscle Strength Assessment which is used in the prevention and rehabilitation of Injuries.

We treat a wide range of both sports and musculo-skeletal injures from very acute injuries that have only just occurred to problems that have been long standing or continue to reoccur over time.

At your initial attendance you will undergo a full and detailed evaluation and examination of your problem following which you will be advised on appropriate treatment, or if further investigation is required appropriate referral will be arranged.

Sports injury assessment and treatment, together with sports specific rehabilitation and prevention to ensure your injury is fully resolved to allow you return to enjoying your sport.

This practice incorporates cutting edge treatment facilities and rehabilitation equipment.

Our range of services includes: manual physiotherapy treatments for joints and soft tissues to reduce pain and help increase function, rehabilitation exercise programs, electrotherapy, specific functional rehabilitation programmes to address neck and back pain, core stability programmes and posture and/biomechanical re-education techniques including orthotic prescription.

Dr. Grant Physiotherapy Seafield House, 2 Seafield Park Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4

(easy access and plenty of available free parking)

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T: (+353) 219 6694
E: megrantphysio@eircom.net